GLOW-ON RED “Bubble Gum Red” Color, Super Phosphorescent Gun Sights Paint. Small 2.3 ml vial

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  • Glow-On RED, "Bubble gum red" Gun Sights Paint.
  • First time buyer? Get the GLOW-ON ORIGINAL, unless you are set on a specific COLOR.
  • Super opaque non transparent, unlike gel products, there's no need for a white background.
  • Water based, non toxic, non flammable, non radioactive, environmental safe. Easy to apply. Ready to use! Use it right out of the bottle.
  • This presentation: 2.3 ml vial. Bubble gum red, day color/ soft reddish glow.

Product Description

Glow-OnTMSuper Phosphorescent is a high density glow-in-the-dark formula. Great for iron gun sights, fishing lures, clocks and other small projects. This is the Bubble Gum Red Glow-On gun sights paint with concentrated glow. This product offers a hi visibility red day color and a medium greenish glow. Glow-On is extremely luminescent, it efficiently enhances gun sights, fishing lures, archery, small electronics, light switches, flashlights, scale models, bead work and fashion jewelry, etc. How it works: Glow-On Absorbs light and then it releases it slowly. Charge with daylight or LED lamp. The initial glow is extreme it dims slowly, after several hours the glow can only be perceived if your eyes are adapted to the dark. The glow can be rekindled in a couple of seconds, just expose again to LED lamp. This is not a gel based product so there's no need to paint a white background beforehand. Harden after it cures. Gel based products use less glow material and remain soft. This product is opaque when it dries. It will stand extreme heat, cold, humidity. Glow-On is waterproof and weatherproof. impervious to most gun cleaners, oils, sweat etc. Non-radioactive, non-flammable, non-toxic. Please stir the paint before you use it. It dries in a few hours and cures completely in 2-3 days. Instructions are included. 100% Money back guarantee on every purchase.

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